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Bailey, Skip

Author | Coach | Speaker | Trainer

In Skip's new book, FROM THE FIELDS TO THE STAGE, he talks about his humble beginnings in Capeville, Virginia, which is where he was born, and then moving to Trenton, New Jersey when he was ten years old. Skip talks about becoming a professional touring musician, and he also speaks extensively about his battle with drug addiction, his strength, and victory of overcoming it. 


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Banks, Carmella

Wellness Advocate with dōTERRA Essential Oils.

I wanted to find more natural ways to support the health and wellness of my family and me. I have recognized the powerful potential of DoTerra Essential Oils and non-toxic self-care products. I am passionate about empowering others with a mindset to create healthy, vibrant, purpose-filled lives. I am currently in partnership with a friend, and we have a Real Estate Investment Business, we are in the beginning stages, but our goal and motto is “We are in the business to help people solve their real estate problems”. I also enjoy mentoring young ladies and being a person they can call upon just to talk, encourage and pray with/for them. I just love giving and helping others.


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Bender, Laura

Master Coach | Fitness Guru

Laura works with highly motivated women to find a life that is in harmony with their purpose. For over 37 years Laura has coached and trained dynamic professionals and entrepreneurs from all walks of life build their dreams, accelerate their physical and emotional results and create deeper meaningful lives. 


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Bernock, Danielle

Author | Coach | Speaker

Making the invisible seen is imperative to healing and freedom.

My God-given mission is to open the eyes of ONE MILLION emotional trauma survivors to their value and belovedness. Through my process of healing from childhood trauma and childhood emotional neglect I learned the truth about trauma.

Trauma is personal.

Trauma is a thief.

Trauma is a beast.

Trauma is an invisible wound.

I am passionate about this! Surviving isn’t enough. You deserve to THRIVE and RECLAIM what rightfully belongs to you in the name of Jesus.


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Binner, Kathy

Passive Income Coach and Author

Health and Wealth Educator


     From virtual to on stage, let Kathy bring inspiration to you and your audience so they will get excited about taking the Next Best Step! 

     Find Kathy's #1 new book release on Amazon: Called to Speak, Lead and Impact.

Book Kathy for your next event: 614.580.6439


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Boch, Cenell

Cenell R. Boch, M.S., AT

Wellness with Cenell is a medical fitness and wellness center that offers advance, specialize, and customized wellness treatments and services. This unique center provides a “one-stop shop” holistic approach, and our certified licensed healthcare professional can help you feel better, improve movement, and decrease pain.


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Bradshaw, Roy

Children's Book Author

     Roy Bradshaw, born in Tipton - a small town in the Black Country, so called because of its heavy industrial past when all workers went home wearing dirt as a result of their daily toils, is now living close to Ironbridge in Telford Shropshire UK.

     He has had a reciprocal career in the automotive industry and education sectors, from where much of his inspiration to write has come.

     He is a loving and dedicated father of two fantastic boys and one fantastic stepson.


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Brandon, Kyle

Residential Real Estate Council Member, e-Pro Certified, RENE Certified, PSA Certified

Kyle Brandon has a passion for Real Estate. He has been a professional real estate agent for many years. Kyle is a Residential Real Estate Council Member and is e-Pro Certified, RENE Certified, and PSA Certified.


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Brewer, Rita

Health and Lifestyle Expert

It is my passion and mission to educate, equip, and empower men and women to achieve optimum health and wellness so they can live life to the fullest, feeling amazing, energetic, and free from chronic diseases.


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Buss, Dawn

Real Estate | Short Term Rental Expert | Artisan | Hospitality | Community Advocate

I have planned a wide variety of events over the years, ranging from small social events, training classes, sales meetings, to larger retreats and tradeshows. My passion and my gift is hospitality and I love to welcome people to my home. I'll use my gift of hospitality to help you find the home of your dreams.

My strengths include attention to detail and organizational skills. Both have been key elements in any real estate transaction.


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Butler, Jessica

Author and Speaker

As a little girl, Jessica used to frequent the library with her mom where she was allowed to pick out as many books as possible (the stack was usually higher than her). She gave out advice to the adults on the best cat books to take out for their kids. Visit: 


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Chavis, Craig M. (Jr.)

Coach, Author, and Serial Entrepreneur

Craig M. Chavis Jr. is an executive coach and founder of the Solo CEO Club - a community that is dedicated to helping solopreneurs create businesses together.

At the core of Craig’s coaching philosophy lies the mantra – Become the Entrepreneur of Your Life. Through this lens, he coaches through an alternative and holistic perspective cultivated from over a decade of first-hand experience launching and managing multiple businesses in Ghana, Costa Rica, Peru, and the United States of America.


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Cobb, Dr Laura

Life Coach | Global Speaker on Women Empowerment

Laura Cobb, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, CFLE, DOA

I empower high-achieving women to rid themselves of fear, guilt, and shame to proudly and confidently suit up, show up, step up, and speak up in every boardroom, classroom, and bedroom knowing that they DESERVE to be there because they've earned that right.


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Coscarelli, Maritza

Life Coach | Leadership Coach | Teacher |Speaker

Having gone from wild-haired tiny dancer to professional ballerina, to the darks of depression and back to the light as an empowered corporate leader then successful entrepreneur, Maritza’s story uniquely qualifies her to guide others to healing, joy, and abundance.

Her proprietary system, Master Authentic Confidence & Communication is designed to guide you to the joy, success, and fulfillment you desire. Founded on the principles of positive psychology, neuroscience, spirituality, and embodiment it will increase your confidence, income, and impact.

Whether delivered through 1:1 or the coaching collective, keynotes, seminars, or workshops, Maritza’s transformational coaching cultivates authenticity, confidence, and self-empowerment. She moves her clients and audiences into their true power to embody their most confident selves so they can live a free and inspired life.


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Crawford, Brittany

Author | Speaker

Brittany Crawford was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her interest in writing began in the 6th grade when her reading class was assigned a project on what it was like to spend the day as a blind person. The essay she wrote landed in her school newspaper Tee-Pee Talk." Brittany continued writing in Middle and High School. She loves to write essays, poetry, and short stories.

"I Sit in a Wheelchair.......But I Will Be Okay" is Crawford's debut children's book. This work is based on her own life. However, Brittany is thankful that she is not in a wheelchair, unlike her character Penny. Crawford wrote the book hoping that children would see that it is okay for them to play and interact with people who have disabilities. Crawford has since written more in the series.

Click here to go to AMAZON


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Cronin, Kelly

CEO | Cronin's Castles Vacation Rentals

Kelly is the CEO of Cronin’s Castles, a curated group of three unique spaces offering magical vacations in Vieques, Puerto Rico, Kasilof, Alaska, and Indianola, Utah. If you want to have a dinner picnic on a deserted magnetic black sand beach or take painting lessons with one of the more than 9000 wild horses as your subject, we have you covered. If going dog sledding and warming up in front of the fire with a cup of hot cocoa and a windowed 360-degree view of the northern lights is your style, no problem. Alternately, turn up the speed in a snowmobile or on a UTV before soaking sore muscles in the two-person hot tub in Utah.


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Curtis, Nicole

COO, She Rises Studios

:Speaker, Author, and Coach Nicole Curtis is a tenacious woman geared to helping high-achieving women claim their God-given power and destroy their self-destructive thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. Nicole has over 12 years of combined experiences in personal growth, and self-leadership development which helped her overcome childhood sexual abuse, binge eating, and break free from toxic relationships. She founded Kapow Media LLC in 2018 and recently became COO of She Rises Studios. Being a survivor of childhood trauma and escaping a fixed mindset, Nicole empowers and encourages women to become unstoppable, live unshakeable, and be unbreakable in life and busines


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Dotterer, Cheri

International Speaker, Author and Consultant

Cheri is an international speaker, author, and consultant who designs professional development materials to help students overcome the social-emotional trauma associated with dysgraphia and support teachers cultivate successful students.


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Estel, CJ

Real Estate Investment Specialist

Starting from very humble beginnings, even being close to bankruptcy, CJ went on to become an extremely successful real estate investor with the help of a mentor. Through the tutelage of his real estate coach, CJ was eventually able to live the life of freedom he always wanted. But rather than rest on all his personal success, CJ wanted to do more deals and to help others achieve their dreams by building a team. Learn how... 

                         PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER

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Frisina, Anthony

International Speaker and Author

The goal for Above & Beyond is to help alleviate stigma and stereotypes, bridging the gap to an inclusive community. Anthony Frisina has a passion for accessibility and inclusion. He is driven by a community in Hamilton, Ontario, where he was born and still calls home today. Born with Spina Bifida he was privileged to adapt a “person first” mentality in his early years, a mindset he currently embodies in his everyday life.


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Froggatt, Theresa

International Speaker and Freedom Seeker


I am a speaker and a freedom seeker, who has a powerful message to share with the world. After unexpected transformational experiences like cancer and years of abuse, I’m on a mission to encourage and inspire women through my journey. I’m here to support and empower others by helping them discover their inner power.


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Hawkins, Christi

Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Originator

Christi Hawkins is passionate about all things 'real estate'. She has over 25 years' experience as both a licensed realtor and a mortgage loan originator, Christi recently switched focus to the investing side of real estate, and she is working on building her own portfolio.


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Hipolito, Suzaita

Spiritual & Mindset Coach | Motivational Speaker

Some might think they are uniquely gifted and destined for greatness and that other people are not as gifted and destined for mediocrity. That is certainly one perspective. And let me invite you to another perspective.

1st…. every single human being is uniquely gifted and holds the potential for greatness. Greatness is built into our DNA.

2nd… the one thing that holds any one person back from truly unleashing their greatness and living true to their unique potential is their MIND.

3rd… the truth is that the most powerful tool you have at your disposal is YOUR MIND. Therefore, from my humble perspective, when you know exactly how to manage your mind, you can do anything!


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Hively, Josh

Co-Owner at HomeVestors of America, Inc., the “We Buy Ugly Houses® people

Providing solutions for complex and unique real estate problems.

We talk through how our company is able to help people who find themselves dealing with complex and unique real estate problems.


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Hughes, Elizabeth

Healing Beyond Medicine

With a medical degree from the University of Virginia, 8 years of experience from Stanford and many years of private practice, you can be sure that Elizabeth Hughes is an expert. “I work with people who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I help them find the root cause of their illness, so they can transform their health and get back to the lives they love.”


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Kachurek, Sandy

Writer, Director of Into the Springs Writers' Workshop

Sandy is the Director of Into the Springs Writers’ Workshop in Yellow Springs, OH. She is the organizer of several writers’ retreats, and a nonfiction, long and short fiction writer. Sandy has received many awards... such as Best Short Story and Top Writer, MidWest Writers Conference, and host of the Clark Memorial Book Festivals. Her publications are the Biography of George W Bush and Francisco Pizarro (Enslow Pub.), short stories in Romantic Ruckus, and several newspaper articles.


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Kavoukis, Ilia

Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

Connect with Ilia if you want to discover simple and effective ways that will enable you to say goodbye to people and situations that don't align with your higher purpose forever. You will put your dysfunctional life behind with much less effort and time than you could ever have imagined possible!


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Kearns, Kelly

Artist and Photographer

I took 7 months to design and create my latest coloring book. Sarasota A Coloring Book for Adults and Children Included Top Ten Attractions in Sarasota. It's truly a labor of love. Our little city is magical, and I combined a tourist guide with a fun activity for the young and young at heart. The illustrations are beautifully hand drawn by various artists, and they depict all the charm and beauty Sarasota has to offer. They are being sold on Amazon for $10.00


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Larabee, Kristi

Helping people learn to dream God's way!

Most of us spend our lives making plans and dreaming of where our lives will go. What we will be, do, and become. But what happens when those dreams and plans fail? When they seem to . . . die? How do you deal with the broken pieces of your shattered dreams? Check out 'Miscarriage of a Dream' (Amazon) and find out!


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Marks, Debbie

Wellness Coach | Author | Speaker

I have finally found a way to "Disaster Proof" my health my families well-being and my income for the future. I continue working from home educating those who are interested in Looking, Feeling, & Living Better by simply going Green.  


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McBride, Wendy

Personal Trainer | Wellness Coach | Yoga Instructor

Wendy is a personal trainer, wellness coach, and yoga instructor with more than 30 years' experience. Focusing on developing healthy mental and physical habits that strengthen our overall functionality in life. Through a variety of physical exercises, and positive reinforcement she helps clients live a more fully healthy happy, and active lifestyle. Wendy offers Personal training, small group personal training, and yoga classes in her studio or in the comfort and privacy of your own home. She is also the founder of LivingTreeYoga nonprofit, which provides free yoga to cancer survivors and their support persons


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McClure, Chris

Leadership Coach | Life Coach

My name is Chris McClure and I’m a pastor-turned-entrepreneur who stepped away from a “safe” career to start my own coaching business while writing two books. I help business owners, executives, and managers navigate challenges and achieve their goals so they can experience professional success and personal fulfillment.


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McCoy, Michelle

Holistic and Functional Health Coach

 Wife, Mom, Functional Health Coach, Holistic Lifestyle Advocate, SHAPE Reclaimed Practitioner and Podcast Host.

I believe our bodies are brilliantly designed and a beautiful temple. We have the innate ability to restore, repair and rejuvenate our health if we have the proper tools, training and support.

Educating women to discover what their unique body needs to function at its best is such a joy as it trickles down into the family unit, so everyone is living a healthy life. 


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Mela, Kathy

Coach | Speaker | Author

I am a coach, speaker, and author on a mission to bring awareness to the power of our thoughts, words and actions by helping clients ignite their internal fire, breakthrough their bogus stories and build momentum to create a more purposeful, powerful, brilliant life experience.  


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Messmer, Adam

Senior Loan Originator at LFG Lending

Adam Messmer is the Inns and Outs of Opening a B&B Co-Host. He is a senior loan originator at LFG Lending. Adam has an extensive background in private banking and wealth management. He has 6 years of experience in loan origination and credit analysis. Adam has a large network of realtors and real estate investors as well.


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Meyers, Jessica

Integrative and Herbal Strategy

Jessica began her career in healthcare over 14 years ago as an EMT in Los Angeles, CA. She later became a phlebotomist, working part-time and volunteering, while earning her BS (Cum Laude) from Biola University. Jessica continued her education with a Master's Degree from University of Southern California- Keck School of Medicine, graduating as a Physician Assistant.

Jessica draws upon her background in the traditional medical model, herbal medicine experience, and integrative/ functional training, for a truly innovative approach to taking charge of your health. 


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Modranski, Lynne

Christian Author and Editor

Lynne Modranski is a Christian Author and Editor who loves helping people discover the love of Jesus and move churchgoers from rules to a relationship. She has been a student of scripture for more than thirty-five years and enjoys digging deep into Biblical history and using her imagination to fill in the holes in the scripture timeline. She’s used this approach with her devotionals, curriculum, and Bible Studies.


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Parker, Eliot

Author, Writing Professor at University of Mississippi

Eliot Parker is the author of the thriller novel A Final Call in addition to being the author of the short story collection Snapshots, which won the 2020 PenCraft Literary Award and the 2021 Feathered Quill Book Award for Short Story Anthology. His thriller novel, A Knife's Edge, was an Amazon #1 bestseller He has received the West Virginia Literary Merit Award for his works and has also been a finalist for the Southern Book Prize in Thriller Writing in 2017 for his novel Fragile Brilliance. 


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Parker, Shannon

Faith, Food, Fitness Coach 

I work with motivated, audacious women who want to feel their best, eat clean on the go, and be healthier for the long haul. For my clients, it’s about vibrant wellness, goal-getting in fitness, and practical, nourishing solutions for vibrant health & happiness.

I have a passion for women to thrive in FAITH, FOOD, and FITNESS.

My empathy combined with my powerful experience of navigating the challenges in my health have pushed me to find answers and support women like you, who want to establish a joyful lifestyle of healthy living!


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Pemberton, Elizabeth

Naturopathy and Herbal Mastery 

Elizabeth Pemberton is a Holistic Wellness Practitioner and Energy Worker. Her mission is to shift human consciousness through nutrition, energetic healing, and deep connection as we look beyond the present to create the future of our dreams. Elizabeth began her personal healing journey during her early 20s in search of relief from depression and anxiety and found profound resonance with all things holistic.


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Pierce, Ruth

Coach, Speaker and Author

Ruth is a coach, speaker, and author who guides professionals to develop their mental, spiritual, and emotional core through clarifying their story, what is holding them back, and their potential so they can soar in their relationships and career. As the Relationship Maximizer, she provides tips for her listeners to take all their relationships to the next level.


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Poeppelmeyer, Marian

Author | Speaker | Coach

Marian Poeppelmeyer is a Freedom Igniter. Through her writing, speaking, and coaching, she helps individuals walk in lasting freedom to set fire to their passion, discover their purpose to pursue their destiny, and become Road to Freedom Igniters to give to others what they’ve received.

Marian had not always lived a life in absolute freedom. Trapped in past wounds from the loss of her father before birth the night of November 1, 1955, on US Airlines Flight #629, Marian struggled to find her distinct voice and identity, despite what others would call a successful life. As a young woman, she suffered from depression, diverse fears and insecurities, and walked with a deep void in her heart. Today, Marian is a transformed woman.


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Postill, Cherie

Author | Marketing Professional | Speaker

     Cherie Postill is a published author of How to Train a Beta Reader and Sell More Books, a nonfiction guide for writers available on AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE. Cherie serves on the St. Louis Writers Guild board as the V.P. of Contests. She is an active member of the St. Louis Publishers Assoc. and Saturday Writers. Ms. Postill is also a marketing professional and speaker.

     When she is not writing or presenting workshops to writers, young and old, she enjoys time with friends and family, reading, teaching, camping, hiking, cooking, and helping aspiring writers.

     You can learn more about her writing at She loves to connect with fellow readers and writers and welcomes your emails at [email protected] You can find out what she is up to on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook


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Ray, Melissa

Author |Speaker | Coach | Homeschooling Mom

I am honored to be the mom of three wonderful children living in the beautiful mountains of North Georgia. My life has been full of great experiences, but not without its share of heartache and disappointment. How I have responded to it all has made the difference!

I love life! I am loyal, truthful, full of joy and kind. Love and encouragement for others, as well as Prayer, are my superpowers!

I am an author of poems, articles and books. I am an encourager by nature which makes me a great Belief Coach. I make friends everywhere and am alive with optimism, which makes me a great speaker. I cannot wait to meet you.

If you are finding yourself getting "hacked" by life and not able to step into your calling, I encourage you to partner with me in the Unhackable Mindset© course and free yourself of what is holding you back!


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Relotto, Mary B

Together We THRIVE

Let's Thrive, Ohio!

Thrive Ohio is the only online resource and business directory of its kind, featuring women owned businesses and organizations with missions that serve women, in the State of Ohio. Dedicated to championing women most of her life, you won’t find many people who are as passionate as Mary is about ensuring equity and equality for women.  


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Sagraves, Ryan

Owner at True Home Investments

Discover how Ryan Sagraves went from corporate America to entrepreneur! Ryan realized that real estate investing was the fastest way to financial security and learning how to fix his own investments was a no-brainer. Now he's helping you fix your real estate investments as well. 


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Salley, Lawrence

Vision Strategist | Photographer

Lawrence is more than a photographer. He is a Husband, Father, Published Photographer, Published Author, Mentor, Coach, Visionary, Pioneer, and More. Needless to say, he is a man of many hats. With these contributions, he has developed a passion and personal understanding of image, branding, and legacy.


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Stephens, Bre

Publisher |Professional Editor | Screenwriter

Brenda ("Bre") Lee Stephens has experience as a publisher and professional editor. She's also a university-trained writer who holds an MA in English and Creative Writing: Screenwriting.

As a writer, Bre specializes in short fiction (3,000-5,000 words) and feature-length screenplays. She primarily writes horror, gothic, and vampire short stories that comment on twenty-first century issues, such as sex trafficking and drug addiction. Occasionally, she creates psychological realism that comments on modern thought, morals, and values. An example of this is her work on a short story collection called Heaven and Hell, ten psychological short stories that depict the consequences of decision-making and innocence versus depravity.


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Sutter, Sally

Owner of Mermaid Travel

No matter where you go, whether it’s a long weekend get-away or a dream vacation, travel changes you. It gives you the chance to learn about different cultures, have new experiences, gain new perspectives, and see the world through new eyes.


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Szafranski, Alan

Private Money Lender, Realtor, Short-Term Rentals

Alan Szafranski shares his unique story of how he found his first short-term rental and how he built his short-term rental business. whispering palms ocean pearl barefoot bungalow


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VanDyke, L. Mason 

Facilitator, Moderator and Storyteller

In Mason's free time he is quite the storyteller and has authored several children's stories and blog posts. HIs passion is networking, communicating and connecting so the FREE Everyone Communicates Few Connect mastermind is his specialty.


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Zajac, Lauren

Holistic Health Consultant

I help overtaxed women achieve true, sustainable health. This is achieved by balancing their thyroid and other hormones, transforming their gut health, obtaining restorative sleep, conquering their anxiety, detoxifying their bodies, and supporting their immune systems through a personalized plan comprised of functional medicine lab testing, lifestyle changes, targeted nutrition, and professional grade supplements.


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