Kathy Binner, CEO of The Kathy Binner International Academy

Passive Income Coach, Health and Wealth Educator

Join The Happy House Hunters Mastermind 

So, you've taken STEP #1, the Simply Start Assessment and received your Simply Start results. 

Then onto STEP #2, where you completed the 30 minute Complimentary Strategy Coaching Session to help determine your next best step.

STEP #3 was finishing Your Next Best Step Course(s), and the 5 week Course Bootcamp.

Now onto STEP #4... where you can become a member of the Happy House Hunters Mastermind Group. 

In this paid mastermind group, participants raise the bar by challenging each other to #SimplyStart by creating and implementing goals of obtaining your first or next property. We support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion. Joining this mastermind group is also about giving back and helping others. 

Why Should You Join this Happy House Hunters Mastermind Group? Because:

  • You have a similar interest in passive income through real estate.
  • You have a similar skill and/or experience level with others in the group.
  • You have the desire and inspiration to make this year extraordinary.
  • You want a supportive team of mastermind partners.
  • You want to reach or exceed your goals.
  • You are ready to let your desire to be passionate about real estate investing overcome your fear of change.
  • You are willing to commit to the change required to grow in your wealth, and are willing to commit to the mastermind group members.

Who is your Happy House Hunters Mastermind Group Facilitator?

"I am your mastermind group facilitator and I am the person trained to run the group and bring out the confidence and success of every member. It's my job to create trust and rapport in the group, help the members coach and advise each other, assist members in creating powerful goals, and hold members accountable for getting things done. 

In the Happy House Hunters Mastermind Group field trips and zoom meetings, I will guide the group to deeper confidential levels of discussion and manage any problems that arise among group members that threaten the harmony of the group."

~Kathy Binner, Facilitator

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